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César Cuello

He holds a PhD in Urban Affairs and Public Policy with emphasis on sustainable development and environmental management, University of Delaware, USA; M.Sc. in History of Science and Technology, with emphasis on technological transfer, Polytechnic University, N. Y.; B.A. in Philosophy, major on sociological theory, State University “Lomonosov”, Moscow. He was research dean and professor at the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC). He was director of the Latin American Social Sciences Faculty (FLACSO) – Dominican Republic. He has carried out research in many fields, author of several publications related to science, technology and environmental sustainability. At present, he is a research professor at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.


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Dr. Jacinto Convit

The medical profession is not one to devote oneself merely to producing money, to enjoy life. Who embraces it must be convinced that you are a public servant, and in one of the most important fields of society, which is health.” The first written reference to Hansen illness (Leprosy) dates back to 600 years before Christ, being known by ancient civilizations. The Mycobacterium leprae bacterium was not discovered until 1874 by the Norwegian physician Gerhard Armauer Hansen, reason why in the scientific world the disease is known by his last name. If it is not treated, it can cause progressive and permanent lesions in the skin, nerves, extremities and eyes. Its world eradication was achieved,...


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