Federico Pagés

Graduate in Business Administration from Parkland College, Illinois. President of Pagés Group.

Aldo Espinosa

He studied law at the Universidad Rosario, Bogotá, specializing in Administrative Law. He worked as consultant in legal areas and institutional strengthening in projects...

Gustavo Sorzano

Graduate from the College of Architecture of Cornell University. He is an artist, a multidisciplinary designer, and humanist, inspiratory of important projects for architecture,...

Patricia Janiot

Anchorwoman at Univision Evening Edition Here and Now. Known by millions of views in the United States and Latin America, Mrs. Janiot is a familiar...

Felipe Pagés

Studied Publicity at the Universidad Profesional del Pacífico, Santiago, Chile. He has a Major in Advertising Management of ADEN Business School, Argentina, and a...



Icons & Legends

Dr. Luis Miramontes

The Mexican Luis Ernesto Miramontes Cardenas (1925-2004) was the discoverer of the in 1951 of the main ingredient of the first oral contraceptive, when he was only 25 years old. Since he was a little boy, Miramontes showed a remarkable ability for experimentation. When he was in his third year of Chemistry studies at UNAM, as if Miramontes were something like a football star, he was recruited by doctor Sandoval Landazuri, one of his lab teachers, to work with him at the Institute of Chemistry. At that time, experiments were being made to supply the demand of patients suffering from hormone deficiencies. Some of these hormones were then made with ingredients coming from weird...