Frequently asked questions



Who are the members of the Jury?

Answer: Professionals chosen from various scientific fields. Two from Latin America and one from another region.

Where will the prizes ceremony take place?

Answer: The prizes will be delivered at a summit in New York City U.S.A.

Can I participate in each version of the Prize?

Answer: New innovations can apply.

Besides the money, what other advantages does the Prize offer?

Answer: The opportunity to present the innovation to potential investors at the Concordia Summit in New York.

How can I participate?

Answer: Fill out the registration form.

What does it reward – categories?


Science and Technology

For those who contribute to the improvement and transformation of society through technology and scientific discoveries.

Social Development

For those who contribute to improve the workings of State and society, promoting respect for human rights and common good.

Enterprise and Industry

For those who contribute to society´s productive sector within the framework of a globalized world, aspiring for greater competitiveness but ensuring respect for the worker´s rights.

Who can participate?


The prize will be awarded to individuals or companies, who made significant innovative and creative contributions during the evaluation period. 

How will it be disseminated?

Answer: A massive dissemination platform will be created at the regional level through media partners’ agreements with local press, radio, and TV as well as regional cable TV.

Why the Prize?


It is a fact that globalization is transforming the world as we know it, within the family, work and State. The speed with which these changes are taking place, demands new attitudes in each of these scenarios, while ensuring that the values and principles around which the new daily life takes place are not neglected. Needed are new educational models and pedagogy, abandoning dogmatism, where democratic principles, respect for others, research, and new ways prevail.

We must stimulate and disseminate the flourishing Latin talent in subjects other than the traditional fields of music and some sports, focusing its capacity of global innovation on scientific themes of competitiveness, sustainable development, design or education – fields essential to worldwide development.