International Jury

Contracted by Innovamerica, Inc., and coordinated by an expert, the Jury is composed of 15 professionals from Latin America and other regions of the world. Each one of the three categories has a jury formed by two Latin American professionals and a third from a different region; all experts in the field of expertise of each category.

Jury Coordinator

César Cuello

He holds a PhD in Urban Affairs and Public Policy with emphasis on sustainable development and environmental management, University of Delaware, USA; M.Sc. in History of Science and Technology, with emphasis on technological transfer, Polytechnic University, N. Y.; B.A. in Philosophy, major on sociological theory, State University “Lomonosov”, Moscow....


Anibal Fossatti Carrillo

He holds a PhD in project engineering from the Technological University of Panama and Universidad de Leon-Spain. He is an Agronomist Engineer with a master degree in Economics; Secretary of professional excellence at the Agronomist Engineers Association of Panama and founder of the Latin American Network of Intellectual Property...

José Rogelio Vargas Camacho

He has a Master degree in Ecological Tourism, Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT; Bachelor in International Relations, National University of Costa Rica. Post graduate studies in sustainable development and responsible tourism at Penn State University and Northern Arizona University. At present, he is the Manager/owner of...

Pedro Moneo

Mechanical Engineer graduated from the Polytechnics University of Madrid and Nuclear Engineer from the French Atomic Energy Commission. He is the president and founder of Opinno, an international innovation-consulting firm that connects over 150 thousand technological experts in more than 20 countries. Before founding Opinno, he was Deputy Director...

Alejandro Miguel San Martín

He has a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University. He is Chief of the guidance, navigation, and control system design of NASA spatial missions to Mars.

Judith Sutz

She has a PhD in Socio-Economics of Development, from Paris-Sorbonne University, France; a Master Degree on Development Planning, major in Science and Technology, and Electrical Engineering degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. She is an Associate Professor and Academic Coordinator of the University of the Republic of Uruguay;...

Rodolfo Echarri

He has a PhD in Physics – University of Buenos Aires. He has ample experience as a researcher and professor at the National Sarmiento University, professor at the engineering faculty of the Buenos Aires University. He is a researcher and academic manager.

Isabelle Chaquiriand

Isabelle Chaquiriand is ATMA´s CEO. A company leader in manufacturing of plastic products in Uruguay. She the Director of the Xcala IEEM and IDB/FOMIN program to improve Latin American and Caribbean entrepreneurs access to financing; member of the Concordia Advisory Board. She is a teacher, researcher and entrepreneur adviser....

Paloma Adams-Allen

Paloma Adams-Allen joined the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) in April 2017 as president and chief executive officer. Prior to joining the IAF, Adams-Allen led global private sector partnership initiatives for the international NGO, Winrock International. Before that, she served as deputy assistant administrator for the United States Agency for International...

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Icons & Legends

Dr. Luis Miramontes

The Mexican Luis Ernesto Miramontes Cardenas (1925-2004) was the discoverer of the in 1951 of the main ingredient of the first oral contraceptive, when he was only 25 years old. Since he was a little boy, Miramontes showed a remarkable ability for experimentation. When he was in his third year of Chemistry studies at UNAM, as if Miramontes were something like a football star, he was recruited by doctor Sandoval Landazuri, one of his lab teachers, to work with him at the Institute of Chemistry. At that time, experiments were being made to supply the demand of patients suffering from hormone deficiencies. Some of these hormones were then made with ingredients coming from weird...