The Prize Innovadores de América is organized by the firm INNOVAMERICA, INC.

Innovamerica, Inc. is a profit organization incorporated in the United States of America under the current of Social Enterprise. Our main objective is to create social value and regional development through a self-sustaining innovation movement that generates resources to multiply and increase its scope and impact.

The movement includes: private and public sectors, academy, media, and NGOs, with the intent of popularizing innovation in order for countries to increase their innovation budgets, especially to benefit the population with less resources and little access to knowledge.

In this regard, the model is supported through various contributions:

  1. Private sponsors of commercial brands interested in associating their image to development and innovation in Latin America.
  2. Contributions from multilateral organizations whose funds are restricted and destined exclusively to technical cooperation.
  3. In-kind contributions from public and private entities which sponsor events held in various Latin American cities, such as the award ceremony, the winners tour and press conferences.
  4. Country franchise acquired by associations, guilds, institutions or foundations interested in promoting innovation in their respective countries.
  5. Media partners which provide space for editorial and publicity contents to promote the prize Innovadores de América and innovation as a development tool.

It should be pointed out that Innovamerica guarantees the independence and transparency of its operations and the award procedure under ethical principles in all activities it carries out. Also, a group of researchers is chosen to validate nominations and a jury body of renowned prestige and professional trajectory which is responsible for the selection of finalists and winners with absolute autonomy guided by a rigorous regulation.


Felipe Pagés

Studied Publicity at the Universidad Profesional del Pacífico, Santiago, Chile. He has a Major in Advertising Management of ADEN Business School, Argentina, and a Senior Management Program Degree from Omnicom University, Babson. His expertise is mainly in the area of strategic planning and communications.

Patricia Janiot

Anchorwoman at Univision Evening Edition Here and Now. Known by millions of views in the United States and Latin America, Mrs. Janiot is a familiar figure and highly respected in the field of international news. During 26 years she worked for CNN en Español; was co-host of the primetime news program...

Gustavo Sorzano

Graduate from the College of Architecture of Cornell University. He is an artist, a multidisciplinary designer, and humanist, inspiratory of important projects for architecture, design and advertising in his native country, Colombia. He has been a communications consultant and creative development for many companies. Creator of the Institute for...

Aldo Espinosa

He studied law at the Universidad Rosario, Bogotá, specializing in Administrative Law. He worked as consultant in legal areas and institutional strengthening in projects for the reform and modernization of justice in several Latin American countries. He is the CEO of Lexgeo, a company providing technical assistance in legal...

Federico Pagés

Graduate in Business Administration from Parkland College, Illinois. President of Pagés Group.

Marisol Pagés

Bachelor in Economics and Political Science from Wisconsin University and Masters in Economics from American University. Financial Vice President of Pagés Group.

Operations Team

Ana Magdalena Canals

Executive Director of Innovadores de América. Business Administration Studies from APEC University in Santo Domingo and Toronto University.

Olga Estrella

Graduated from APEC University with a B.A. in Translation. More than 25 years of experience in the tourism industry, working at hotels, airlines and as a meeting planning professional, as well as its own agency. Director of Operations at Innovadores de America.

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Icons & Legends

Dr. Salomón Hakim

The human brain is medicine´s last frontier and the knowledge of our command center is increasing more and more, including ailments and conditions that it may suffer. One of them is the hydrocephalus syndrome with normal pressure, which is characterized by accumulation of cerebral fluids without increasing pressure, which usually affects adults. If today contemporary medicine can diagnose and treat this syndrome, it is thanks to Dr. Salomón Hakim, who discovered it. That is why it is called the Hakim Syndrome. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, he graduated in Medicine at the National University of Bogotá. He travelled to the United States to specialize in neurosurgery at the Lahey Clinic and the Massachusetts General Hospital...