What is the prize?

Innovation is the engine that moves humankind towards sustainable development, improving the planet with each little action.

Innovadores de América has become the most important innovation award in Latin America, after a brief history of little more than seven years, it keeps growing.

To date, sixteen Latin American innovators, from four countries, have received the award in the editions of 2011, 2014 and 2016.

The Innovadores de América prize awards Latin American innovations in the fields of enterprise, social development, and science.

The winners are selected by a multidisciplinary team of researchers and jurors from Latin America and from countries of other regions, and are awarded for their capacity to transform the society in which they live through their innovations.

The prize is awarded in three categories:

Science and Technology

Social Development

Enterprise and Industry

Why the Prize?

Innovadores de America was created because the general public has forgotten or does not know those Latin Americans who have excelled their capacity to generate new knowledge and innovation in the fields of science, technology and economy.

The prize does not end with recognizing the past, but it also gives credit to the present, while at the same time motivating the new innovators of future generations.

How does the prize work?

Innovadores de América disseminates, through its network of media partners, the achievements of Latin Americans in the fields of social development, education, entrepreneurship, and science so that their excellence and innovations are known within and outside of their frontiers.


The present poses great challenges: global warming and climate change; energy problems and its impact on the planet; outdated educational systems in view of new communications technologies; obsolete jobs; drug abuse, and corruption.

Latin America must deal with these challenges and to achieve this it must lead its people in a different direction and work together.

Latin America must acknowledge and stimulate its values and the innovative people that are fighting to achieve sustainable development!

Innovadores de America is a movement to assist in dealing with these challenges. It has three distinctive features which contribute to the repositioning of Latin America in the world.

First, it is a mass communications platform where the media contributes with dissemination, through radio, written press, television and social media, of Latin Americans who have done great things and those who are doing it now.

Second, it portrays an innovative, creative, and intellectual image of our continent.

Finally, it opens a window to promote change in the way Latin Americans think with regards to a more dignified future for them and future generations.

Innovadores de América rewards innovation that makes change possible. Change the world! Change your future!